#The CoronaDiaries

A collection of news-focused and reflective journalism put together voluntarily by Journalism and Media students covering a range of personal and social topics, in an attempt to create a response to this historic moment in Britain’s history.

A weekend apart … brought together

#The CoronaDiaries   TO SUM up their second weekend in isolation, students contributing to The CoronaDiaries project share a snapshot and some words about life in lockdown. Remember, even though we’re separated for now, we’re all in this together…   QUARANTINE PHOTOGRAPHY Ryan Lim “I USUALLY do my photography digitally, […]

Don’t get bored – get busy!

#The CoronaDiaries     WITH the country in lockdown, being stuck in the house all the time can become quite boring – but being bored can actually affect your mental health. Therefore it’s incredibly important to keep your mind occupied. Studies show that boredom can lead to depression, increased weight […]