A weekend apart … brought together

#The CoronaDiaries


TO SUM up their second weekend in isolation, students contributing to The CoronaDiaries project share a snapshot and some words about life in lockdown.

Remember, even though we’re separated for now, we’re all in this together…



Ryan Lim

“I USUALLY do my photography digitally, but being stuck at home has given me time to slow down and go back to photography as it was. In a bathroom… choking on chemical fumes.

“Somehow the pressures from university are worse when you’re at home cooped up, but we all need to find ways to destress I suppose?

“Quarantine photography also seems to train you to work with what you’ve got instead of the usual of going out to find something to shoot! Never thought I’d say this, but I’d love to be back outside on a court snatch again!



Molly Wroe

“I’m used to my desk being ‘messy’. Whether I’m painting, studying or just listening to tunes, there will always be stuff on my desk.

“What I never anticipated from being stuck inside is just how much of a tip my life would become – and how stressed it would make me feel.

“Now that I’m home, I feel that my list of tasks has doubled, but I can’t handle the pressure in the same way I would if I were at uni, and that stress is somehow physically manifesting on my desk. One day soon, this desk will be clear again.”




Olivia Hewitt

“This is a photo of me and my half-eaten curry. The special thing about this curry is that it’s all homemade. By me. I made katsu curry from scratch and I’m really proud of myself.

“Recently I’ve been low about myself and stress-ate a lot. So I thought, I may as well distract myself by cooking and having a fat scran at the end of it.

“I am learning new skills, whilst in quarantine, as all I could cook before was pasta. So far I have made a creamy chicken pasta sauce, enchiladas, chicken ramen, fried chicken and chips, and now my katsu curry.

“Yes, I make mistakes and yes, my dad loves interfering in the kitchen but I am slowly learning and enjoying making food that isn’t pasta and is actually tasting nice.”




Ewan Gleadow

“I’ve been using my time somewhat wisely, reading, writing and watching as many films as I can get my hands on.

“More than a handful of laptop crashes and jitters, but it’s been great keeping my mind off of everything in the outside world with a plethora of entertainment.”




Hannah Sly

“I spend too much time at this desk, staring at my laptop screen. One thing I do miss is having a routine.

“Over the weekend, I’ve been writing essays, drawing and painting (a photo frame and a box!). Arts and crafts doesn’t exactly take my mind off things, but I do find it calming.”



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