Arts & Creative Industries

Lockdown entrepreneur plans to revolutionise TV and film production

  WHILE many of us began adjusting to life under lockdown earlier this year, Masters student Neville Glean used the time to put his business plan into action. After several years working as a digital imaging technician and video editor for a London-based media company, on brands such as Vodafone, BMW, IHG and McLaren, Neville decided he wanted to branch out on his own – but needed […]

Government advice to retrain left photographer and film-maker feeling ‘unwanted’

The past week has seen a storm of controversy around apparent Government ‘contempt’ for the UK’s arts and creative industries (A&CI). First, Chancellor Rishi Sunak provoked anger with comments which, while mis-reported, created the perception that ministers saw careers in A&CI as somehow ‘disposable’. But then came a government advert […]