Author: Connor Bromley

A man wearing a face mask is seen amongst Christmas trees in Covent Garden, London, as England continues a four week national lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus.

What’s your favourite Christmas song?

DECEMBER is finally well under way, which means that you can play all your favourite Christmas songs without fear of judgement. We’ve been asking our readers – and some of the North East’s most musical people – to share their favourite Christmas songs.   FRANKIE Francis, lead singer in the […]

Chef Baran hosting one of his street food events.

Masterchef takes his food on the road

  FORMER BBC Masterchef contestant Matei Baran has moved from the kitchen and into the community. The chef, who brands his produce as posh street food, is now taking his food into housing estates across the North East, so people can enjoy restaurant-quality food during the Covid pandemic.  Matei said: […]