Author: Valentina Egorova

The Sunderland Airshow 2016: day three

The Sunderland Airshow 2016 successfully kicked off on Friday evening with a launch party, aerial display and fireworks. On Saturday, the sea front saw hundreds of thousands of spectators witnessing stunning aircraft displays. Thousands more people are expected on the final day of the Sunderland Airshow 2016. The programme has […]

Safety Advice for Pokemon Go fans

Pokémon Go fans are being urged to be precautious while searching for the characters in Sunderland and South Tyneside. The phenomenon of Pokémon Go has swept the nation turning even the North East into a Pokémon zoo. The app sends the messages with all possible locations dragging the fans out, […]

Sunderland Illuminations is to shine again

Sunderland Illuminations will light the seafront once again this autumn. Starting at the end of September, this year’s programme has been extended to end with a bang on Bonfire Night. Organisers promises the Illuminations will be brighter than ever in 2016, featuring new installations of pirates, dinosaurs and fairies. Last year […]