Author: Samantha Boal

Government advice to retrain left photographer and film-maker feeling ‘unwanted’

The past week has seen a storm of controversy around apparent Government ‘contempt’ for the UK’s arts and creative industries (A&CI). First, Chancellor Rishi Sunak provoked anger with comments which, while mis-reported, created the perception that ministers saw careers in A&CI as somehow ‘disposable’. But then came a government advert […]

Leading dyslexia charity uses Dyslexia Week to call for a vital increase in assessments and support in schools

IT is currently Dyslexia Week, and throughout this week the British Dyslexia Association will be focusing on the theme of dyslexia creates. Dyslexia creates artists, entrepreneurs and game changers, but it also creates prejudice, challenges and inequality. as TEN to 15 percent of people are dyslexic, yet despite this, it […]