Local election candidate Ann Best’s plans for Westoe

Ann Best, Candidate for the Westoe ward in the 2021 Local Elections, in Mowbray Park.

ANN Best is the Labour candidate for the Westoe ward in the 2021 local elections, and she told SR News of her big plans if she is to be elected on May 6 2021.

Despite never being a councillor before, Best has plans for a wide range of local developments and changes. She plans to voice the concerns of the people in the area and use her vast experience in local government to implement her proposed changes.

She said: “This is a new venture for me and if I am elected, I hope I can serve the people of Westoe by using the skills and the experience that I have. As I’ve been in local government previously for a long time.”

If she is successful, Best has plans to support and further develop the regeneration of South Shields by utilising the skills and connections that she already has.

In addition to this, Best has plans to equally campaign for and support smaller issues such as litter, potholes, and fly tipping in Westoe.

Ann Best faces four other candidates in the local election for the Westoe ward. The election will take place on May 6, 2021 and voters are able to cast their votes between 7am-10pm.

To find out more about Best and her policies you can visit her Facebook page at, https://www.facebook.com/annbest4westoe/.

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