Author: Amy Golden

Feeling S.A.D. This Winter?

With weather like this week’s snow storm, most of us make the most of the cold air and extra snow by curling up with a mug of hot chocolate and enjoying the winter. The shorter amount of daylight through the winter is just another excuse to stay indoors. But this […]

A Community to Stop Sexual Assault

It’s a Wednesday night and I’m feeling good. I’ve been pre-drinking with friends, and now we’re out on the town. Into a club we go, dancing and drinking some more. One of my friends shouts “Toilet!” to me over the music. I nod, even though I don’t have to go, […]

Faces of LGBT History Month

February was LGBT History Month, a time to remember and celebrate LGBT history as well as look at areas where society still needs to move forward in terms of equality. As the month comes to a close, young adults of the LGBT community shared their stories and what this month […]