US ELECTION 2020: Trump ahead after first 26 votes!

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden.
AP Photo: Andrew Harnik


TWO small New Hampshire communities that vote for president just after the stroke of midnight on Election Day have cast their ballots, with one of them marking 60 years since the tradition began.

The results in Dixville Notch, near the Canadian border, were a sweep for former Vice President Joe Biden who won the town’s five votes.

In Millsfield, 12 miles to the south, US President Donald Trump won 16 votes to Mr Biden’s five.

There would normally be a big spread of food and a lot of media crammed into a small space to watch the voting, Tom Tillotson, town moderator in Dixville Notch, said last week.

But that is no longer possible because of the coronavirus pandemic.

It is also hard to observe the 60th anniversary of the tradition which started in November 1960, the election in which John F Kennedy defeated incumbent Vice President Richard Nixon.

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