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The unseen damage of the Covid-19 pandemic – students have their say

An investigation into the effect of Covid-19, lockdowns and recession on in-person work placements – and job prospects – for graduates.  There have been many changes to all aspects of people’s daily lives since the start of the Covid pandemic. We spoke to three students from the University of Sunderland who have had placements cancelled and have otherwise struggled.   ‘The […]

Gavin Williamson announces GCSEs and A-Levels will be decided by teachers – what does this mean for students?

EDUCATION Secretary Gavin Williamson has announced that this year’s GCSE and A-Level results will be decided by teachers. The decision comes after last year saw GCSE and A-Level students receiving results based on a controversial algorithm system after exams were unable to take place due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Freya […]

Do I stay or do I go? University students describe ‘stressful’ decisions to stay or return home for Christmas

STUDENTS at the University of Sunderland have said that deciding whether or not to go home for Christmas during the pandemic has been ‘stressful’. The large student population are faced with the difficult decision of spending Christmas with family or staying put over the holidays, due to Covid restrictions. The […]