Author: James Noble

Sunderland Foodbank: COVID-19 will not stop group tackling hunger: “over 200% increase in the number of people fed”

Sunderland Foodbank has stepped up to the unprecedented challenge posed by the coronavirus outbreak in recent weeks, with a more than three-fold increase in the amount fed. With an average of 520 people already supported each month, Coordinator Jo Gordon summarised the scale of their work and how they’ve adapted: […]

SUN Racing 2019/20: Formula Student team attend Sheffield showcase as they plot path to Silverstone

University of Sunderland students participating in the SUN Racing programme travelled to Sheffield Hallam University on Wednesday evening to partake in the annual Formula Student Regional Showcase. Michael Gibson, Jemma Cavendish and Dudley Mahlangu – joined on stage by Nabeel Ali, Joseph Burton, Ziya Cerezci and Dev Nichani – gave […]