Author: Reece Lee Harper

UoS expert: Gove’s ‘Orwellian’ FOI unit a threat to healthy government

  RECENTLY-released details about a secretive and ‘Orwellian’ Government approach to freedom of information (FOI) – which allegedly involves the blacklisting of journalists – has caused a storm in the legal and journalistic worlds. The report, by openDemocracy, revealed that Whitehall departments are passing FOI requests through a ‘clearing house’ […]

US ELECTION 2020: the jargon-buster

Search ‘US Election 2020’ to see all our coverage POLITICS is full of jargon; weird words and confusing acronyms which politicians, pundits and commentators seem to love (perhaps because it makes them feel part of an ‘in-the-know elite’) but which leave the rest of us scratching our heads. So here […]