Newcastle’s e-scooter usage hours limited as midnight joyrides plague local residents


E-SCOOTERS will now only be available between 5 am-11 pm after Newcastle City Council received reports of mis-use and joyriding.

A spokesperson for Neuron Mobility said: “We have already put in place a citywide curfew that will immobilise all of our e-scooters between 11 pm and 5 am throughout the lockdown.

“We are also continually evaluating our slow zones and no-go zones and we will adapt these over time based on feedback from riders and the wider community.”

The new e-scooters have proven popular so far with over 5,000 registered users travelling over 30,000 miles.

But despite safety features such as a helmet lock and an emergency services button, as well as a list of rules to obey, SR News has received local reports of some users riding two or three to a scooter, without helmets and often lacking road awareness.

Residents in Jesmond and Sandyford have reported multiple events of disturbances by e-scooter joyriders to Operation Oak and Northumbria Police.

The video above shows six riders who were travelling together along Osborne Road, Jesmond, together at 9 pm on a Friday night.

This is despite the fact that currently, any journeys made on the e-scooters must be for essential purposes only.

A spokesperson from Newcastle City Council said: “The overwhelming majority of cases riders have used the e-scooters in a safe and responsible manner.

“At this time we would remind people that the e-scooters are available for essential journeys while lockdown restrictions are in place.”

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