Is Jesmond getting noisier? A rise in complaints say yes

SR News can reveal that noise complaints in the Jesmond area have been getting worse and have been on the rise since 2016.



With 248 complaints reported in 2016 and 319 complaints recorded in 2018 – an increase of 71 complaints in two years – shows that Jesmond is getting worse for noise. Up to October this year, there have also been 193 reports of noise complaints. It is on track for a high number of complaints again.

Joseph Sweeting, a masters student at Newcastle University, said Jesmond does have a noise problem: “It is getting worse,” he said. “There are parties all week and you can hear it.”

Joseph added: “Jesmond is a student area so you expect noise,” but said that such noise is “hard when trying to work”. Students are playing a role in the rise of noise complaints as he says he has also contributed to the noise in Jesmond by having parties at his house on Mayfair Road.

“We had quite a few parties this year and our biggest on Halloween with about 30 people at the party, but [we] never had a complaint.”

Joseph stated that if this problem is getting worse then there should be more police out sometimes to stop this. But he says “he never sees police around and need more of a presence”

A spokesperson for Northumbria Police said that they are following up on the noise complaints under Operation Oak. The patrols are designed to address anti-social behavior in student residential areas whether that be unsafe house parties, drinking on the street or criminal damage.

The spokesperson added: “Not everyone wants to party on a Wednesday night and we reminded people that there are often elderly people or young families living on their street.”

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