Mapped: An eco-friendly Tyne and Wear

The number of eco-friendly shops such as fair trade, zero waste and organic has increased drastically in Tyne and Wear over the past year.

The demand for eco-friendly shops has increased so the number of shops, restaurants and bistro’s has also. Newcastle and Tyne and Wear are increasingly becoming a more environmentally aware region. So SR News has picked our top eight favourites.

Sophie Jakes, 25, a volunteer for Greenpeace Newcastle said: “We should be more concerned about what we consume and produce on a whole. It’s common sense to have eco-friendly products to keep our body and planet in the best condition. To me, these three things are key values which we should think about when purchasing and producing. Is it eco-friendly, fair trade and zero waste? This will ensure everyone is benefiting in the right ways.”

Plastic pollution is now a BIG epidemic and all over the news.

In Tyne and Wear, there is only one totally zero waste shop called Buy the Kilo which was opened just in February 2019. The owner, Jackie Sewell, 54, who runs the shop with her daughter Rachel said: ”First, I was an environmental activist so it was natural for me to look for plastic-free options. With this shop, we are freed from commercial supermarkets that use a lot of useless plastic packages.”

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