General Election 2017: The North East votes as polls open across country

Voting has officially started at polling stations across the country.

From 7am to 10pm tonight, you have the chance to vote and have your say in who becomes our next government.

After Theresa May announced a snap General Election on April 18, the past seven weeks have involved nothing more than frantic campaigning from the major parties, particularly in the form of the Conservatives and Labour.

From 10pm onwards, we will be covering the exit polls across the North East with a Live Blog.

Our reporters and photographers will be covering the counts, too. Sunderland has been the first to announce its election count results since 1992 and has remained at the top of the game ever since.

Whoever you vote for today, make it count. It is your decision and your future. If you’re not sure about where to vote, click on this website, simply type in your postcode and your local polling station will pop up.

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