North East funeral directors fail to sign campaign to end funeral poverty

A campaign has been launched to end funeral poverty in the UK after costs have doubled in the last 10 years.

Fair Funerals is the first national campaign to tackle the problem, which aims to influence funeral directors to set out clear prices on their website to help people with budgets.

Funeral expenses have drastically risen by 90 per cent over a decade leaving people unable to afford loved one’s funerals. With the average cost starting from £3,241, grieving families are facing debt.

Fair Funerals campaign map shows the North East had the least amount of funeral directors contributing to the campaign. A third of the UK funeral industry have signed the pledge but only 33 of those companies are in the North East.

Heather Kennedy, Fair Funerals campaign manager, said: “We want to see all funeral directors in the North East putting prices on their website and talking openly about money.

By signing the Fair Funerals pledge, companies can really help people find a funeral they can afford.”

Fair Funerals are pleading for help from the North East to sign the pledge.

It comes after Michael Doda, 24, from Town End Farm in Sunderland, tragically died while out walking his dog on January 26.

The community have come together to raise funds to help the family pay for costs.

The Town End Farm Residents Association is holding fundraising events to help raise as much money as possible. So far they have been successful raising £2,495 on the fundraising page.

To donate online visit:

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