Family of murdered Tipu Sultan speak of “struggle” without him

The family of murdered Tipu Sultan say they have been left with a huge financial loss after his death.

Tipu Sultan, 32, from Sunderland, was killed outside his family run business Herbs and Spice Kitchen, Lake Avenue, South Shields, on April 7, 2015. He died from a single gunshot wound to his neck.

Following the death of Mr Sultan his father, Amin Miah, spoke about the situation and the effect it had on the business.

He said: “There has been a significant financial drop on the business. This was his business and since his death it has never been the same.”

Mr Miah also spoke about some of the challenges they are facing.

He said: “We always struggle to find people to work here, they just don’t want to come”.

The father-of-two was a very popular person, he had built himself a good reputation and the customers were very fond of him.

Abdur Rokib is an employee and has been working in the take away for many years.

He stated: “Herbs and Spice Kitchen is not lively anymore without Tipu. I don’t serve many customers face-to-face. Most of the orders come through the telephone or Just Eat website.

“Lots of our customers have expressed that they feel very scared and un-safe coming to the take away.”

This horrific tragedy has not only shaken the residents of South Shields, but also the Community of Sunderland.

Abu Shama, the manager for the Sunderland Bangladesh International Centre, Tatham Street, said: “We still question ourselves to why someone would want to kill Tipu. People who use the centre often asks about the incident.

“We have had well-wishes from all members of the community showing their support and this has brought closeness among one another. Police have re-assured the community and business owners, but as a whole we would like more police visibility.

“Tipu’s death has left a legacy among the whole of the Bangladeshi and the wider community, and he will always be remembered.”

Michael McDougall, 47, of Hylton Avenue, South Shields, was jailed for life, with a minimum of 34 years, after being found guilty of murder. Michael Mullen, 24, of Hawthorne Avenue, South Shields, who had taken McDougall to and from the murder scene on the back of a motorbike, was cleared of murder, but jailed for 12 years after being found guilty of manslaughter.


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  1. Syed Isa Nasrullah

    Read the article. Touched me deeply.

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