Football fans “need to show their teeth” on matchday ticket prices


Picture: Richard Sellers/PA Wire/Press Association Images
Picture: Richard Sellers/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Matchday tickets “cost too much” and football fans: “…need to show [their] teeth” on pricing, said Paul Dobson, assistant editor of fanzine A Love Supreme.

The debate has been highlighted by the recent row at Liverpool FC when the club wanted to raise ticket prices to £77.

About 10,000 Liverpool fans protested at the weekend by staging a walkout at Anfield in the 77th minute of their draw against Sunderland.

The club’s owners, Fenway Sports Group, then announced a U-turn on their policy on Wednesday, freezing ticket prices for the next two years.

Fans of all Premier League clubs have called for similar reviews into ticket pricing for games, calling the current schemes “unfair”.

Mr Dobson has backed the call, saying: “We need to show our teeth”. He acknowledged that as Liverpool “responded to the protest”, similar tactics could work with other clubs.

Fans have particularly called for an end to a process known as ‘grading’ in which tickets for more popular matches are more expensive, while those for less popular fixtures are cheaper.

Members of the Sunderland-affiliated Ready To Go forum were split in response to the ticketing row.

User Phil_harmonic said: “[Sunderland] should be paying us to go,” and user Pseudonym Number One said: “[Tickets] are poor value for money”.

However, Mr Dobson’s view was not met with universal agreement.

User nyron4england from the Ready To Go forum said the tickets represent good value for money “especially for the facilities”.

And user Rober33 said: “It would be good if [Sunderland] had a student ticket rather than just going on age groups. I think we have some of the more fairly priced tickets in the league.”

Sunderland could not be contacted for a comment.  

However, in a statement they said: “Sunderland AFC has a long-standing commitment to keep football affordable for its fans and youngsters under the age of 16 can buy a season card at the Stadium of Light for just £69 – which equates to less than £5 a game”.

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