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Signage outside a closed West Bridgford Infants School in Nottingham as the UK continues in lockdown to help curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Gavin Williamson announces GCSEs and A-Levels will be decided by teachers – what does this mean for students?

EDUCATION Secretary Gavin Williamson has announced that this year’s GCSE and A-Level results will be decided by teachers. The decision comes after last year saw GCSE and A-Level students receiving results based on a controversial algorithm system after exams were unable to take place due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Freya […]

Tech-poverty and a sense of chaos is making it tough for children to learn during the pandemic, according to one home-schooling entrepreneur.

Children missing out on key cognitive skills

KEY physiological researchers have stated children need school to develop cognitive skills, have consistent mental health, produce communication skills, and show continuous growth within their physical health. So how many of these key areas are children missing out on during online teaching?  THE stigma for young teens in school has […]

How will the Sugar Tax affect schools?

Much of Chancellor George Osborne’s Budget announcement focussed around reforms to the Education System, and a particular announcement that caught the eye was the introduction of a “Sugar Tax”. This is namely an initiative revolving around taxing Soft Drink companies and reinvesting the revenue from the procedure into Physical Education […]