Children missing out on key cognitive skills

KEY physiological researchers have stated children need school to develop cognitive skills, have consistent mental health, produce communication skills, and show continuous growth within their physical health.

So how many of these key areas are children missing out on during online teaching? 

THE stigma for young teens in school has always been they would rather be anywhere else and that school is the worst years of their lives, but it seems we have quite the contrast in our modern-day learning with many kids itching to get back in the classroom.

Samuel, 14, told SR News: ‘I cannot wait to go back. I miss my friends and the lunchtime breaks, but oddly I’ve realised how much I miss my teachers and the physical classroom learning.’

Not just missing out on seeing friends every day, young students like Samuel are unable to find the motivation to wake up every morning just to sit in an office study. He described online learning as ‘a long bad movie that never ends’ and fears this may continue for the rest of his school life. The confinement of their study room is taking away the physical development for children and the simplicity of the joy of running around an empty field.

Many parents and children worry this will go on for the rest of the academic year and if so, questions need to be asked to the government and schools on they can make the overall online learning experience better for every child.

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