Author: Sophie Dishman

Sunderland High School announces closure

Sunderland High School has announced its closure.  In an open statement released by the school, it is said that “current and projected pupil numbers cannot secure the school’s long term future”. Numbers being admitted to the school have plummeted. This fall in numbers has meant that the school has been losing money which is “no […]

Jobs to be lost at Hartlepool steel plant

Tata Steel UK have announced “cost-saving proposals”, which could lead to job losses at its Hartlepool steel plant.  The plant would see 100 jobs go at the steel mill in Hartlepool, with a total of 1,050 jobs potentially being lost in other Tata Steel UK warehouses and support centres. The company, an indirect […]

Northumbria Police advise public after telephone scammer incidents

Northumbria Police are reminding the public to remain vigilant to telephone scammers as offenders are continuing to operate in the area. Officers have received four reports of telephone calls from fraudsters today, claiming to be from the Metropolitan Police, investigating bank fraud and asking for funds to be transferred. It is reported that no funds […]