Sunderland Student’s Union launch a campaign in light of the recent event involving Sarah Everard


THE University of Sunderland Student’s Union have launched a campaign called ‘Take Back The Streets’ in light of the recent events involving Sarah Everard. It took place on Wednesday 21st April where they discussed with students how they can make their university and themselves feel safer.

In both the Chairs of the SU Take Back The Streets campaign, Bronte Sheldon and Alex Mitchell said the campaign has been successful. Bronte said: “Our campaign discussion went well, it was great to hear the opinions and ideas of other students.”

Alex similarly said: “I’d say the first part of getting the campaign off the ground has been successful, but that is just the first part”. They both hope to see real change and make sure it has a lasting impact on the university.

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Sunderland Student’s Union is hoping that their campaign will increase discussion around sexual violence towards women.

Ideas and opinions were expressed within the campaign, and Bronte Sheldon said: “Moving forward with the ideas we got from our talk, we will be passing them on to the university and SU,” and she hopes to “add informative leaflets around the university providing education on what sexual harassment is and addressing the topic of sexual assaults and violence towards women”.

After the campaign, they want to make sure that everyone who contributed will have their voice heard and their ideas will be passed on. Bronte said that she still will “be continuing to hold talks for Take Back the Streets throughout the year”. They want to make sure that ideas will be turned into action soon and will be taken on by the university.

They are hoping to hold another campaign on Wednesday 28th April called Denim Day. It is a sexual prevention and education campaign where people are asked to wear jeans as a visible mean to protest.

Alex said: “I don’t think issues surrounding women’s safety is something that can be tackled easily as these issues are so ingrained into society and that is why campaigns, awareness-raising and education are vital”.

It is clearly both of their main priorities to show the importance of change and how to make women feel safer on campus and on the streets.

Find out more about Denim Day and how to take part here.

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