Student shaves head to raise money for eating disorder charity

A STUDENT at the University of Sunderland has shaved her head to raise money for Beat, the UK’s largest eating disorder charity, after they helped save her life.

Psychology student, Casey Ferguson, 20, has previously struggled with an eating disorder, and wants to raise money and spread awareness to help others.

Speaking of her own journey to recovery, Casey said: “Beat are able to help people in lots of different ways. I’m years into recovery, but if I feel I may relapse I always know I have someone to talk to, to get me back on track.”

Casey believes that spreading awareness can not only help others but be impactful on your own recovery too.

She said: “To finally be able to say out loud to people that you are struggling is hard but it’s a big step towards getting better.”

Casey’s sponsored head shave has already surpassed her target of £150, and has currently raised £350.

She said: “I was so nervous, but I remembered why I was doing it. I filmed the process, and I had floods of messages of support after posting it.

“If I can help at least one person get the help they need; I would do it all over again without a doubt. Nothing compares to helping someone save their lives and helping pay for the helplines that make it possible.”

University of Sunderland Psychology lecturer, Dr Rebecca Owens, said: “Eating disorders are extremely complex mental illnesses with many interlinking and interacting cognitive, developmental, social and biological influences, making them extremely difficult to pin down, to understand exactly how they function, who they impact, and how to treat them.”

She added: “Beat is an association who focusses on supporting people with eating disorders, as well as their loved ones and educating people about mental illnesses. Casey’s fundraiser will raise awareness of Beat and increasing awareness for individuals and their loved ones can make all the difference.”

You can donate to Casey’s sponsored head shave here.

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