Football fans welcome potential return to ‘normality’ of match day

The Stadium of Light. The home of Sunderland AFC











NORTH east football fans have welcomed the announcement that spectators can return to stadiums once the region is out of Tier 3 lockdown. 

The government has recently announced that spectators will be allowed to attend to return to sporting events at a capacity of up to 4000 people. 

This opens the door for the potential return of fans in the North-East however they will have to wait until the region has been taken out of tier 3. 

Sunderland supporter and Roker Rapport podcast host Connor Bromley said:Football is about fans and I think that a lot of people are missing that large part of their social life due to games being played behind closed doors.

“We are hitting a point now where clubs are talking about going out of business, and I think the returning of fans may help stop a lot of them from doing so. 

But it is a huge stride forward for football and fans. It is yet another sign of the UK turning the Covid corner and I think that fans returning to stadiums will be a hugely symbolic moment for the country as a whole.” 

 Newcastle United, Sunderland’s local rivals, will also welcome up to 4,000 fans once the north east leaves the tier 3 restrictions. 

Lee Lawler of Newcastle Fan TV told SR News: “On a personal level, as someone who goes to every home and away game – once we are allowed back, it’s an event, a sense of belonging, your whole day centering about 90 minutes of football. It’s hope, excitement, joy & hurt (depending on the result) – a roller-coaster of emotions. 

An atmosphere can be generated, spurring the team on to do better, or telling the squad how you really feel. It can only be a good thing, if done in a safe manner. 

Financial strain has been brought upon, clubs have had to come up with other ideas to bring revenue in, I feel for the lower clubs because they rely on a paying fan coming through the turnstile, without them – the club will eventually die and no community should lose their club.” 

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