US ELECTION 2020: eight states still counting, Biden leads by just 14 electoral college votes

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President Donald Trump with his ‘populist’ hat and suit combo.
AP Photo: Evan Vucci


THE US Election is still without a clear result, with key swing states still counting their ballots.

At time of publication (12.25pm Nov 4) Joe Biden has gained 227 Electoral College votes, while President Trump has 213.

Eight states – between them worth 97 votes – have yet to declare their results, with mail-in ballots and absentee ballots still being processed and counted. 

Of those 97 votes, Mr Trump needs 57 to win, while Mr Biden now needs only 43.

So what are the key states to watch?


Georgia – 16 electoral votes (EV)

Trump is currently ahead in Georgia by just over 100,000 votes, with just over eight per cent of the ballots to be counted.

However, Fulton and DeKalb County have only processed 80 per cent of their votes, and they are Democrat areas (currently voting between 70-80 per cent for Biden), so this race is very much open and could well swing in favour of the Democrats once the urban vote has been counted.


North Carolina – 15 EV

Donald Trump is ahead in North Carolina and looks like he will pick up the 15 electoral votes despite a strong performance from Biden.

The President is ahead by 80,000 votes, with just five per cent left to be counted. 


Pennsylvania – 20 EV

It looks like Pennsylvania will go to the Republicans, although there is still 25 per cent of the vote to be counted, mainly in Biden-supporting areas.

Trump is ahead by over 600,000 votes, which looks insurmountable, though Philadelphia and Pittsburgh both have nearly 50 per cent of their votes to be counted – which could make a difference as they are largely Biden-backing areas. 


Michigan – 16 EV

Michigan looked like a Trump victory, but Biden has been slowly clawing his way back into contention as votes from Wayne County (Detroit) are counted.

Trump led by over 200,000 overnight, but that lead is down to less than 60,000 and there are still 17 per cent of the votes to be counted.


Wisconsin – 10 EV

The 10 electoral votes in Wisconsin look very much in the balance for both candidates.

Joe Biden is currently ahead by 7,000 votes with over 10 per cent of the vote still to be counted. 


Arizona – 11 EV

Joe Biden looks like he is going to flip Arizona, as he is ahead by over 100,000 votes with 18 per cent left to be counted. 


Nevada – 6 EV

Joe Biden was expected to take Nevada, but that is looking like a very close race, with just 8,000 votes between the two candidates.

There are still 14 per cent of the ballots to be counted, and Democrat-leaning Las Vegas and Reno have around 15 per cent of their votes to be counted. 


Alaska – 3 EV

Alaska is yet to be declared, but is expected to fall for the Republicans. 

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