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SR News is signing off until the morning. Hopefully, we will know then who will lead America for the next four years.

At this point, the race is closer than most expected, with Biden still holding a slight advantage.

However, other indicators like the betting markets may suggest that the polls could well be wrong for the second election in a row.


Joe Biden has won Colorado, a traditional Democrat stronghold. He has picked up their nine electoral college votes.


Ohio could be a surprising victory for Joe Biden, as he is ahead after 60% of the vote has been taken. That also could be an indication that he is likely to pick up Pennsylvania.


Madison Cawthorn, 25, will be among the youngest lawmakers in the modern history of Congress, and is the first member of Congress to be born in the 1990s. He won a seat in North Carolina.


Joe Biden is currently ahead in the race with 119 electoral college votes compared to Donald Trump’s 93.

However, if Trump picks up Florida as expected, he would jump ahead of Biden and onto 123 college votes.

It is going to be a long night for both candidates!






Biden is getting the margins statewide that his campaign hoped for in Florida. It’s that very bad Miami-Dade County return that has swung the state toward Trump.

Trump has picked up nearly 10% in Miami which could be crucial for him as Florida edges towards voting Republican.




Florida likely to be red tonight according to the New York Times.

However, Trump will struggle to get both North Carolina and Georgia.


CNN reports that 59% of Florida has been counted – amounting to almost seven million votes – and Trump is leading by only 59,777.



Early Florida voting is in. Biden is ahead – just.


North Carolina election officials extend the voting deadline by two hours in four precincts, citing technical problems and human error delayed the opening of the polling stations. The decision was made by the State Board of Elections to extend the deadlines in two precincts in Sampson County and one each in Guilford and Cabararrus counties, according to in Raleigh.



Trump wins Kentucky with 54.2% of the votes so far.



It looks like Maine set a record for turnout this year, Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap told CNN.  “We expected very light turnout with such high absentee ballot numbers, but in fact the turnout was pretty strong and steady in most places we’ve gone,” Dunlap said. “I’m not nervous at all about those numbers. I think the towns have done a magnificent job of handling it.”

The previous turnout record was 72%



Early results are coming through in Kentucky and Indiana



The President is feeling confident…



Nigel Farage is feeling confident of a Trump victory tonight.



YouGov America is predicting a Biden victory.



A Fox News Exit Poll suggests that 72% of voters are in favour of a government-run health care plan, with 29% opposing.



Indiana and Kentucky are named as first states where polling stations will close at 11pm GMT.



Trump has won a Pennsylvania bakery’s cookie poll that called last three elections. The results as of Sunday afternoon, while not the official tally, were the final numbers released by Lochel’s Bakery of Hatboro, before Americans find out who has won the actual presidential election. They show President Trump leading former Vice President Joe Biden handily, with a staggering 27,903 red Trump cookies sold compared to just 5,114 blue Biden cookies.



It’s revealed that almost 102million Americans have voted early, which is 73% of the number that voted in 2016 US Election as a whole.
Trump supporter Debbie Boehm says: “I believe President Trump was appointed and anointed by God to get our nation back on the right path.”Ms Boehm, a 53-year-old business owner from Dallas, Texas, is anti-abortion and said that is the most important issue for her during this election.“Donald Trump supports life,” she said. “I feel like his agenda is life. He’s pro-family, look at how his children love him.”


Richard Stoffel, 77, compared Donald Trump to Jesus Christ.Wearing a Trump 2020 cap and a T-shirt reading “Jesus is my saviour, Trump is my president,” he praised the president for “bringing us back to our roots”.“And he’s cleaning the swamp,” said Mr Stoffel, who described his occupation as “prayer warrior”. 
Supporters of both Donald Trump and Joe Biden gather near Lafayette Square in downtown DC, a stone’s throw from the White House.The area is at the heart of US power and nearby buildings include the FBI headquarters and the Treasury Department.The street leading up to Lafayette Square was renamed Black Lives Matter Plaza Northwest in June and signs supporting the movement are plentiful.


Biden supporter Mark Randolph says the former vice president is “the only qualified candidate in the race”.He says there is nothing good to say about “vile human being” Mr Trump and gives his presidency a zero rating out of 10, saying his handling of the pandemic would be in negative figures.Mr Randolph, a 62-year-old public health consultant, said he is also concerned about unrest and fears people will “take matters into their own hands and it’ll erupt in violence”. 
Voters in Washington DC echo the claim that the 2020 US presidential election is the most consequential ever.On election day, there is a steady flow of voters casting their ballots at the Foundry United Methodist Church, less than a mile from the White House.Maggie Deal, a 30-year-old attorney, tells the PA news agency she voted for Joe Biden, saying: “The future of American democracy depends on it.”

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