Newcastle Gallery closes to public due to COVID-19

The Hancock Gallery’s plans to exhibit new works to the public from international artists has been postponed due to the COVID-19 crisis.

The show in Newcastle was intended to focus on Mark Dempsteader, “the leading figurative artist in the country” according to Gallery manager Chris Morgan. Other artists include Chris Gambrell, Ron Hicks, Quang Ho, Elizabeth Power, and John Smyth.

A preview of the works was hosted in March, before the closure.

The works draw inspiration from the Renaissance and Pre-Raphaelite art and explore such themes as politics, society, and gender in art.

Mr Morgan added that the art scene in Newcastle has “grown in the last 15 years” and has “developed through pop-up studios”. The distance from London has led to Newcastle “developing its own identity”. The creation of the Baltic has also helped boost local creative ventures too said Morgan.

Alice Smith, co-host of the co-host of the ‘Hey Art What’s Good’ podcast agrees, claiming: “the art scene has been ever expanding and evolving.” Prominent example include the “Laing being involved in new socially conscious exhibitions, such as the Homeless History of Newcastle Art trail.”

Smith added “It’s also great to see commercial spaces setting up shop in the city, with the likes of Hancock Gallery being the most recent addition with a diverse range of artists represented”.

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