Sam Fender O2 Academy Newcastle Gigs Rescheduled (Again)

Sam Fender has rescheduled his upcoming shows at the O2 Academy Newcastle due to illness.

The sold-out shows for the 4th and 6th of February have now been rescheduled for the 17th and 19th of February respectively. This follows a previous cancellation and subsequent rescheduling of his gigs in December.

“I’m gutted to have to do this again,” the statement from Sam Fender read.
“I’ve had an absolute shocker with my health. It’s been a series of unfortunate events this last month with chest infections, laryngitis and a family bereavement, and now I’ve come down again with tonsillitis.”

The Newcastle United fan has had some bad luck with his health in recent years. He cancelled a string of dates last year, including a Glastonbury performance, due to being burned out following constant performances. Then in December, a string of dates was cancelled due to illness which left him concerned about damaging his vocal cords.

While the news is unfortunate for many, some fans are seeing it as a second chance to purchase tickets returned by those who can no longer make the new shows.

Some fans are frustrated by the news: “I couldn’t make the originally cancelled dates in December and returned my tickets. Now, with the change [of dates], I can make it. I have had to purchase my ticket again and I’ve been charged for two booking fees to see one show,” Sarah told SR News.

Others however, have rallied to defend Sam: “Feel so bad for Sam Fender, he’s had a chest infection, laryngitis and lost a family member. But that’s not good enough for people on Twitter,” one user tweeted.

If you find yourself stuck this evening and are still looking for entertainment there are some options available tonight. The Sage Gateshead has a folk offering in the guise of Transatlantic Sessions 2020, a show which lets listeners “revisit shared roots and new common ground between today’s finest Celtic and Americana musicians”.

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