We need to talk about…Sunderland’s election results

We need to talk about…Sunderland’s election results

After concerns from the Labour Party that they could lose traditional seats in last night’s election, they still have Sunderland as a stronghold.

Houghton and Sunderland South were the first to come through with their result, with Labour winning the count by 3,115, based on a 58% turnout. They have been a labour stronghold, and will continue to be, for another 5 years. 

Labour in Sunderland Central also won by 2,964, based on a 68% turnout. This has been another labour stronghold since its creation in 2010. 

Washington and Sunderland West also won by a few thousand (3,733) based on a 58% turnout, which has been under Labour since 2010, when it was created. 

Overall, the Labour Party in Sunderland had over 50,000 votes, compared to over 40,000 Conservative votes. A landslide win for Labour and Jeremy Corbyn in the city despite a loss in the UK as a whole.

Chloe Walker

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