Six (highly questionable) icebreakers to try on Valentine’s Day

Six (highly questionable) icebreakers to try on Valentine’s Day


With Valentine’s Day arriving tomorrow, here are some questionable icebreakers that you could use to win over a date for the most romantic day of the year.

1. Wrong Time of Day:

Sunderland University student Liam Knox, 22, suggests to break the ice you should say:


Even (or especially) if it is 12 o’clock in the afternoon; this will apparently get you a first date just for your quirkiness.


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2. Heaven:

As this is the cheesiest icebreaker to ever trouble existence, no wonder this person chose to remain anonymous.

“Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”

If this person is a big fan of cheese, you may be in luck: otherwise, they are cringing. Hard.

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3. The Parking Ticket:

Jacob Carr, 19, a Northumbria University student, suggests you say:

Are you a parking ticket?

“Because you got FINE written all over you.”

It’s not bad, but it still might make you cringe!

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4. The Walk By:

Another hopeful punt from an anonymous would-be Romeo:

“Do you believe love in first sight? Or should I just walk by again?”

Kudos for trying, but if the second time it still doesn’t work, she’s just not that into you.


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5. The Polar Bear:

Stephen James, 27, a Morrisons baker, suggests this dazzler:

You: “How much does a Polar Bear weigh?”

Them: “I don’t know…”

You: “Neither do I – but it broke the ice.”

You never know, this one could work. Stranger things have happened.

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6. Fanta:

Ben Trousdale, 23, a kitchen Fitter, suggests that you should just simply ask:

“Fancy a pint of Fanta?”

This may, by turns, confuse and intrigue your potential date. Who knows, it may fizz up something you never expected…


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