Northern Rail problems continue throughout the festive period

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Strikes have been held and are continuing to do so on each Saturday of December after 5pm.  Trains will however still be running normally up until that point.

Northern Rail has released a statement on their website saying: “We have fantastic colleagues who have supported customers by keeping our trains running on each of the RMT strike days. We are aiming to keep as many people moving as possible and ensuring customers can still travel into the biggest towns and cities for the big seasonal events including Christmas markets.”

A Northern Rail representative from their helpline said: “If anyone has any queries about this ongoing strike then make sure to contact us at 0800 200 6060.”

Trains will still be running after 5pm, but there will be a very limited amount in circulation and it’s expected to cause a lot of commotion for people using these trains. The public have been advised to plan around this and make sure they know which trains are available by checking the timetables.

This has obviously caused some hassle for various members of the public especially for people who use the Northern Rail services to get into work. Harvey Hinkler who works at Wetherspoons in Sunderland has expressed his thoughts on the matter: “To get to work I rely on Northern Rail heavily because of where I live. The strikes on Saturdays is going to seriously inconvenience me although I do understand why it’s taking place. It can come across selfish but at the end of the day they’re just trying to secure their future, it’s just unfortunate that to do that they have to briefly interrupt people trying to do the same.”

Although the strikes are going to cause inconvenience for some, it is clear that they need to go ahead so that members of staff at Northern Rail can better their chances at a safer, more structured workplace.

To keep up-to-date with information head to the Northern Rail website here.

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