Sunderland Age UK holds their annual Christmas Spectacular

Age UK Sunderland, a charity that works with elderly people, is holding their annual Christmas Spectacular to bring people in the community of Sunderland together for Christmas.

The event offers a range of musical artists, such as opera singer Graeme Danby and University of Sunderland vocal professor, Valerie Reid. The Choir of East Herrington Primary school will also be performing at the event, making it a lively night for a variety of people.

Seonad Campbell, a 29-year-old who works at Age UK Sunderland and has helped organise the event, says:

“The event is open for anybody, you just buy a ticket. The people who attend are a variety of ages; families and friends sometimes accompany elder ones. A lot of older people come to the event to stop loneliness at Christmas.”

Ms Campbell also added: “It’s a fundraising event. The money raised goes to Age UK and helps towards the Boxing Day lunch for elderly people who don’t get to have family Christmas dinners. It’s a nice way to keep them company if they want it.”

According to Ms Campbell, between 150 to 200 people go to this event, whether it be elderly on their own or as family groups. The event is open to all.

Linda Hardy, 63, says: “I think it’s a nice way to bring people together, have fun and raise money at that same time. It is nice to have entertainment for people and it is always good to raise money for charity, especially at Christmas time because that is what it’s all about.”

A ticket to the Christmas Spectacular costs £10 and takes place on December 14 at 7pm at The Salvation Army building, Sunderland Monkwearmouth.

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