Beacon of Light Walking Football Group to Help Physical and Mental Health

Sunderland’s Beacon of Light are making their walking football groups a weekly event to encourage good physical and mental health.

Neil Couling, 38, sports programming and marketing manager, said: “There is not necessarily a set age group, but it is generally older people. There is no age limit.”

The Beacon of Light, a community hub that offer great sports facilities, have introduced this programme to help keep people active and to decrease people’s loneliness.

Mr Couling added: “the group helps people mentally, physically and socially because it’s an easy way to get involved in sports and be part of a team. There is also a café for people to socialise and meet people.”

Norma Ord, who plays in several sports groups, says: “taking part in sports is an excellent way to improve social skills.”

Miss Ord, 60, said: “participating in team sports gives you the chance to meet other people. Working in a team creates a bond and a supportive and positive environment. It also makes yourself feel better mentally, each time I play I feel happy to be part of a team. Participating in team sports can increase confidence, positive thinking, fitness, health and good eating habits.”

The walking football group takes place every Thursday from 11am until 12pm at The Beacon of light, which is the registered charity facilities of Sunderland AFC.

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