Sunderland University couple set to shave their heads for Cancer Research UK

A young couple who have been together for over two years, Ben Robinson (18) and Rachael Allen (18) who both study at the University of Sunderland have decided to shave their heads for Cancer Research UK on December 20.

“As a charity Cancer Research UK does research into finding new methods of curing and beating many forms of cancer,” a representative of cancer research explained. It is an incredible charity and has helped to the development of a 50 per cent survival rate ever since 2010-2011.

Rachael Allen who is braving the shave explains: “We decided to shave our heads for cancer research U.K. because my granddad suffered for a long time with two different cancers and almost everyone knows someone who has been affected by it.”

She then goes on to say: “I believe donating any small amount to charity is something almost everyone is capable of and every little helps. We have currently raised £390, only £10 off £400 and I’m hoping we can reach that just in time.”

This makes a bold statement especially due to the harsh cold weather we are experiencing in the North East and how close to Christmas it is. This shows their dedication to the cause and how much it means to them personally as we found out that her granddad did, in fact, beat cancer.

“With help, my grandad beat both lung and throat cancer but it didn’t come without consequences. He had his voice box removed and basically had to re-learn how to speak.”

After hearing Rachael’s story please feel free to donate, and help herself and Ben reach their £400 target. You can donate via the link below.

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