Through the decades: Tyne & Wear

Speakeasy, jazz and vintage shopping all within the North East region.

It’s undeniable that there are a variety of diverse bars, restaurants and shops within the North East. However, going to the same places with similar décor, products and menus can become tedious. Which is why SR News have found nine places which are able to help transport you back to a different decade.

If you know where to look, there’s no shortage of vintage shops; whether it be clothing, records, advertisements and household wear. A hidden gem has to be charity shop Age UK on Blandford Street, Sunderland, which has transformed their second floor into a vintage boutique and hosts two events a year. Store assistant Christine Holmes is incredibly passionate about all things vintage and commented:

“There has always been a vintage section since the store opened. I love vintage and felt like the space upstairs was being wasted, so one room led to another until the entire floor was filled with products. All the stock is donated, a lady even brought in a vintage dress because she remembered that I was collecting items, even though some of the clothes need a lot of TLC it’s worth the effort.”

Libby Mays is a speakeasy bar tucked away on the streets of Sunderland with an authentic 1920s feel. Owner Chris Royal has definitely brought something new to a night-out within Sunderland, and gave insight on to why he chose the theme:

“We wanted to have a 1920s themed bar in the city because it was different. Being a basement ‘hidden bar,’ a speakeasy theme suited.”

Take a look at the map linked below for various other ideas. Such as a 50s inspired ice cream parlour, jazz café and a cinema which frequently hosts speakeasy events.

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