Robert Nairac timeline: What we know the Sunderland soldier’s life, death, and undiscovered body

It has been over 41 years since a Sunderland-raised solider was murdered on May 15 1977.

Three men were convicted for the murder of Captain Robert Nairac – one of them was a member of the IRA.

The soldier, who was born in Mauritius, was abducted from a bar in Northern Ireland – his body was never found.


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  1. Often when I travel by Ravensdale forest I think of Robert Nairac. He never got to be buried in a marked spot. I think he was an enigma imbued with a fatal romanticism . In a strange way I think he loved Ireland and he will be forever enveloped in Irish soil. Sad for his family . A true fatal fascination for the land of Eireann

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