North East homeless charity spreads support to Sunderland

Newcastle-based support charity North East Homeless (NEH) have widened their reach into the Sunderland area in a bid to help more homeless people.

NEH are a charity who provide support to those who are homeless by providing them with emergency amenities.

The organisation, set up in 2015, offer support to those in need through outreaches held in Newcastle City Centre.

Here, volunteers distribute donations of clean clothing, food, drinks and – in some cases – shelter.

They also provide support to those who are now re-homed, helping to furnish their homes through donations from the community.

Alongside giving benefits advice, support accessing accommodation, medical advice and treatment, as well as finding access to addiction services.

In 2017, 51 people were recorded sleeping rough on the streets of Newcastle – an increase from 25 in 2013.

It was also recorded that one in every 2,926 people in Sunderland were homeless and sleeping rough.

NEH are now offering their services to those living in Wearside by relocating one of their weekly outreaches to Sunderland City Centre, which runs on a Tuesday night.

When asked why this move took place, trustee and volunteer Liz Jenkins said this:

“We have looked at the deprivation stats and in various areas of the North East, discussed with volunteers and investigated service offerings in Newcastle and other areas, and after analysing the information the NEH Committee felt it would be appropriate to see if our services could help in Sunderland.”

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