Top 10 tallest ships signed up for Tall Ships Race Sunderland 2018

A total of 24 ships have been announced so far for the Tall Ships Race 2018, which sees the first leg taking sail trainees from Sunderland waters to Esbjerg, Denmark.

This map shows you the 10 tallest ships currently signed up for the race, according to measurements from, and where they originate from.

The ships in this list are divided into three classes — A,B and C — depending on their size and rig.

Class A ships refer to those with an overall length of more than 40m. Class B ships are traditionally rigged and less than 40m long, but their waterline length, which is the length of the ship at the point where it sits in the water, of at least 9.14m. Class C ships are very similar to class B, but are rigged in a more modern fashion, and do not carry sails known as spinnakers.

Have a look on the map below to check out some of the tallest tall ships expected to arrive in Sunderland next summer.

For updates on the line up of ships coming to Sunderland for the Tall Ships Race 2018, visit

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  1. Ocean Scout from the UK operated by UK scouts via will be taking part in all next years races.

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