Sunderland scout off on a Peruvian adventure

Dizzy Peverley (centre) with 1st Usworth Guides/photo by Tabitha Peverley.

A Sunderland explorer scout is preparing to jet off for an adventure in Peru this summer.

Dizzy Peverley, 18, from Washington, will join a group of her fellow scouts to help raise money for solar panels.

The funds will go towards the installation of solar panels that will provide electricity to rural Peruvian scout huts.

The group will also get hands on with the project by helping to install some of the panels.

Dizzy said: “I’m really excited about this trip.

“It’s a chance to learn about another country and culture as well as provide the scouts there with something that we in this country take for granted every day.”

Miss Peverley, who is also an assistant leader at 1st Usworth Guides in Washington, flies out to Peru on June 30 and will be in Peru for three weeks.

Miss Peverley and her group have set up a JustGiving page in order to raise the money for the solar panels.

If you wish to donate visit their page.

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  1. Send our best wishes and have a great time
    Washington Forge Rotary Club

    Ps where do the 1st Usworth Guides meet and what night

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