Holiday Hunger plans Easter events at Parker House Trust in Sunderland

With Easter fast approaching, Parker House continues to offer support to potentially vulnerable children living in and around Sunderland.

Parker House is a new project which provides activities and facilities where children attend three days a week and take part in cooking, with an emphasis on healthy eating, drama, arts and crafts, team games, building scenery and performing shows to the local community such as: working with retirement homes and businesses in the area.

The project is funded by the City of Sunderland Council and was set up early last year. Without any advertising, Holiday Hunger at Parker House was spread simply by word of mouth. With the limited amount of staff and facilities, the trust can only take up to 40 children at one time, per holiday, resulting in children having to put their name on a waiting list or attending Pallion Action Group’s associated youth activities.

Holiday Hunger runs during all school holidays, the next one being Easter. They have many exciting events coming up during these particular holidays, including: an Easter egg hunt, an Easter parade, designing their own cut-out Easter eggs which will be displayed around Parker House and other activities.

Not only does this programme provide events and games but it too, offers a cultural element. A Spanish tutor attends and gives the children an opportunity to learn conversational Spanish and Spanish cuisine. In the last two weeks, due to demand, Parker House have recently introduced a Saturday club which includes: creative activities such as inventions, music and arts and crafts.

Parker House continues to provide valuable opportunities for young people and has ambitious plans to develop these further.

Hear more about the trust here:

For further information, please contact:

Karen Wood, Community Development Manager at Parker Trust, on 0191 5437123, or Doreen Buckingham, Manager at Pallion Action Group, on 0191 5142011


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