Stagecoach reveal a number of changes to their bus schedule in Newcastle

Stagecoach has announced a number of changes to their bus services in Newcastle, but what do the public think?

Changes to timetables and routes around the city has gathered a mix response from the people of Newcastle. These changes will come into effect from April 30.

PA Images: A Stagecoach Bus

Head of Stagecoach North East commercial, David Parker said: “In Newcastle we have identified a number of routes where customer numbers have been particularly low or where we can better serve the city through a number of minor route changes, which has led to the current review.”

A number of changes range from popular bus services within the city and certain services may even be scrapped. Not all busses will be scrapped and may only change in how often they arrive.

Parker also went on to say: “During a programme of community consultations with our customers, we received valuable feedback on proposed bus route changes and areas of improvement that would benefit passengers.” These consultations led the popular bus company to make a change in their services.

Stephen Barrass, driver of popular services, 30, 31 and 36 said: “As for the changes, I think they will have a big impact on the buses I drive, this is because the whole timetables and planning for this route will have to be altered.”

Barrass went on to say: “ The 36 was popular for passengers travelling towards central station and now this bus won’t travel that way. It’s too early to say if they will improve bus reliability, but I am very doubtful.”

Read the full changes to each bus schedule at

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