Monthly meditation sessions at North East churches aid mental health awareness

It is estimated that 31% of adults in the North East suffer from mental health disorders, but resources are available to help with such issues.

Lanchester and Burnhope Church is offering monthly meditation sessions, with the help of its Reverend at 7pm on the third Tuesday of every month to the wider and local community to help combat the stresses of daily life.

Reverend of Lanchester and Burnhope Church, Rupert Kalus, said: “I’ve been meditating for nearly 25 years, it has always been really important to me. I noticed that there was a lot of interest in mindfulness and meditation in the wider community so I wanted to share my enthusiasm and all the things I have gained from meditation and mindfulness with other people. People often think that meditation comes from an eastern tradition but there are lots of similar traditions in the church, too.”

Mindfulness is a technique used to reduce stress by using strategies based on mindfulness-based cognitive therapy. It can help people to manage long-term health conditions and enhance their general wellbeing by finding lasting psychological and physical benefits.

As it can be easy to rush through life without stopping to notice much, mindfulness helps you to pay more attention to the present moment and to your own thoughts and feelings which can improve your mental wellbeing.

To find out more about the Parish of Lanchester and Burnhope visit this website, or contact Rupert directly if you are interested in mindfulness meditation sessions on 01207 521170.

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