Behind the Screen: Sunderland’s ‘Facebook Names’ video creator Carl Bradbury on his social media success

Carl Bradbury rose to internet fame when his Facebook Names videos went viral on social media.

He started creating content in 2012, when he started his YouTube channel. His first video ‘bullies’, a spoof jump-scare video, went viral on Facebook, which jet started his ambition to being a content creator.

He said: “The video racked up about 3000 likes and several hundred comments, back in the day when I posted that, it was quite a lot for me.”

This was one of his many viral posts, in January 2016, he created his Facebook page, where he began posting funny pictures and videos.

His first viral post was his Adele illusion, which soon after was noticed by MTV News and was posted on their website, creating a whole new wave of followers for Carl.

In July 2016, he began to create his series of videos that he is now known for, Facebook Names. These videos took social media by storm, being re-posted by big news publishers such as the LadBible and MTV.

After seeing these videos, E4 contacted him to be on the show Virtually Famous, as part of their ‘Meet the Makers’ segment. Where the two panels had to guess which of three videos Carl had created.

This made Carls Facebook page more active than it had ever been, rising rapidly to a monumental 500,000 followers and still rising, making him and Facebook Names more popular than ever.

Watch Carl talk about his rise to social media fame here

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