Northumbria Police rated to be “Good” by Inspectorate

Northumbria Police has been given a “good” rating in the latest Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary inspection.

The report highlighted: “outstanding practice in the way it (The Force) supports vulnerable victims.”

Inspectors have said that Northumbria Police gives “excellent service to victims”, especially those affected by more serious crimes such as rape. They have stated that the Force had: “robust supervisory oversight, good use of risk assessments and a very good support service to vulnerable victims. This same level of service is also given to victims of domestic abuse and to vulnerable victims in general.”

Northumbria Police has shown inspectors the high standards it sets when investigating crime. Inspectors noted the work that was done by experts in more complex cases such as rape. The report said that “the public can have confidence that Northumbria Police investigates crimes to a high standard.”

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner, Vera Baird DBE QC, said: “In the main there is a lot of positive reading in the report, it shows Northumbria Police continues to tackle the issues that matter to local people.  Northumbria Police is effective at keeping people safe and reducing crime – we will build upon this to ensure we deliver an even better service in tackling anti-social-behaviour.  Our drive to deliver outstanding service to vulnerable victims will continue.”

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