Travel can be “key to happiness” experts say

Travel is apparently the secret to true happiness, according to new statistics.

Global research found that 70 per cent of people find that travelling brings them more happiness than material possessions, with 77 per cent saying they book holidays just when they are in need of a happiness boost.

Emma Kenny, a psychologist, writer and presenter, said this is because holidays are much more experientially rich compared to material goods.

“Something you may buy will lift your spirits for maybe a few minutes to a few hours. But what you experience spending time with people that you love, doing things that you enjoy, that’s something that has very far-reaching, long-lasting qualities to it.”

Just under half of the people questioned even went as far as to say the emotional boost they get from their holidays is more important to their happiness than their wedding day, and 29 per cent prioritised it over having a baby.

Ms Kenny pointed out that the positive psychological impacts that come with delayed anticipation in the run up to holidays.

She said: “When you ask people what are their happiest memories, many people will say family holidays. Now, there is a trigger in your brain where you get that nostalgic feeling. And, when you start planning, you’re getting all of that heady mix of nostalgia, triggered memories, warmth of experience with the people that you love.”

And then, of course, the rest, recuperation and rewards cycle begins again once you’re on the holiday. So, it is definitely, definitely a positive.”

The report, published by, surveyed a sample of more than 17,000 people who had taken at least one holiday in the last year.

And this research is reflected regionally in an ONS report, which recorded an 8.3 per cent increase in the number of holidays abroad for people living outside of London, with a 6.2 per cent increase in spending during the same period.

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