Washington DC to Washington NE: Sunderland town has their say on President Trump’s UK visit

We went to Washington, Sunderland, to find out whether the American capital’s North-East namesake was for, or against, a visit from the US President.

The debate comes amidst the news that a recent e-petition, set up in support of a state visit by newly elected US President Donald Trump, had received more support from the city of Sunderland than anywhere else in the region.

Phil, a 23-year old salesman, said: “I do think he should be allowed to visit but I don’t think he should be given the honour of a state visit. I don’t think the queen meeting with him would be good.

“My fiancée’s American and she voted for Hillary. She didn’t particularly like Hillary, it was just the lesser of two evils.”

Daniel from Chester-le-street said: “I’m happy for him to come. I don’t agree with the majority of his policies, but everyone should have the right to go where they want.

“I’m alright with it.”

Gathering over 300,000 signatures, the petition claims: “Donald Trump should be invited to make an official State Visit because he is the leader of a free world and the U.K is a country that supports free speech.”

But Eleanor from Gateshead disagrees: “I think its a disgrace. He’s a businessman, not a politician.”

The petition is a response to recent calls for the UK to prevent the President from visiting the country, an appeal which has received almost 2 million signatures of support.

The election of Donald Trump has caused controversy world wide and a series of anti-Trump rallies were held across the UK last month as protest continues against American entrepreneur’s leadership.

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