County Durham Dad appeals for donor register sign-ups after leukaemia relapse

A County Durham father is reaching out for people to sign up to donor registers in an attempt to help save lives after relapsing in his battle with leukaemia.

Inspired by his daughter Niamh, Paul McGeary, 35, is aiming to help create donor matches around the world in order to save not only his own life but the lives of others too.

Paul said: “She’s the walking, talking reason why I need to get through this – why I need to survive this and why I need to find my donor.”

Paul now requires a bone marrow donor and having already raised over £23,000 for the Bloodwise cancer charity before his relapse, he is now also urging people to sign up to the donor registers.

Paul added: “When I was laying in the hospital two years ago I had a choice – I could lie there and just wallow away the days feeling sorry for myself or I could something about it.

“As a donor all you are doing is giving up a few hours of your time and a bit of your blood.”

Once Paul finds his donor match he does not intend to stop in his quest to get people signed up to the donor registers and fundraise.

Paul said: “The fundraising won’t stop, likewise the donor campaign. Once my donor comes up I’m not just going to suddenly close the book and say it’s someone else’s turn.

“Ultimately we want matches all around the world.”

You can help Paul by signing up at: – age 16-30 – age 16-40 – age 17-55

Or you can donate at:


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