Homelessness charity Centrepoint to hold sponsored sleepout at the Stadium of Light

sleepoutYouth homelessness charity Centrepoint are set to hold a sponsored sleep out at the Stadium of light on Thursday November 10.

The event was created to help raise awareness about youth homelessness and the problems that young people face as well as raise at least £2000 in order to help young people without a safe place to sleep.

The Stadium of Light is the venue for the event, where an expected turnout of around 150 people will sleep rough overnight in order to help fulfil the aims of the event.

Not only will people sleep in the halls inside the stadium, but some will be having their nights rest in the seat or right next to the Sunderland Football Club pitch.

The Stadium of Light is set to host the sleepout Credit: Grace Howard
The Stadium of Light is set to host the sleepout Credit: Grace Howard

Adam Gawne, Volunteers opportunities officer at Sunderland University Student’s Union, said: “In the North East there are about 6,000 people classed as homeless.

“These might not be the ones you see on the streets, but maybe they are staying on someone else’s sofa, or classed as homeless where they don’t have a permanent address.”

In the UK, about 80,000 young people experience homelessness, with the number of them at risk of living on the streets rising year by year.

Centrepoint works with more than 300 homeless young people in the North East, providing accommodation and support to help young people to turn their lives around by gaining essential life skills; tackling their physical and mental health issues and moving into education or employment.

The University of Sunderland is also helping the fundraising by hosting a variety of activities and events on campus and in the community.

Speaking about what the money raised could go towards, Gawne said: ” The money will be donated straight to Centrepoint and will remain in the North East sector.

“It will support people by building confidence and building skills and ensuring that when they find their feet again they can be fully supported.”

Registration is now open for participants at £20. To sign up, visit: https://centrepoint.org.uk/sleepout or for more information, visit the University of Sunderland Student’s Union online here

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