University of Sunderland could cut 130 jobs

UniversityThe University of Sunderland could be set to make major job cuts, according to an email by Steve Knight, the universities chief operating officer.

The redundancy programme comes at a time when the university is experiencing falling student numbers and an increase in withdrawals.

The proposed cuts could affect all non-academic workers according to the Mr Knight’s email.

Currently the university employs about 465 academic and research staff, and 1095 professional support, technical and administrative staff.

A review is to be carried out to decide how an extra £8million could be saved in 2016/17.

The savings are to be divided into two broad areas: around £5million on staff and £3million on estates, buildings and other running costs.

Mr Knight’s email added that management would look into “all possible alternatives to compulsory redundancies” and expressed a desire for trade union to contribute to the process.

In an email, Mr Knight added:

“I am aware that a change programme of this nature can be unsettling for staff. Our University has a strong track record in handling staff changes in an open and fair way…”

Staff will be briefed by management in July about the job cuts.

University Vice-Chancellor Shirley Atkinson said:

“The University is realigning its business model to ensure we continue to deliver excellent teaching and learning to our students and can continue to compete in the highly competitive Higher Education market.

“We operate in a highly commercial market and need to streamline our operation in line with modern business practices, to make sure we create the headroom to invest in those areas of activity that deliver real value for students.”


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